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    The COMPLETE beginners guide to hacking (Sec 7)

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    The COMPLETE beginners guide to hacking (Sec 7) Empty The COMPLETE beginners guide to hacking (Sec 7)

    Post by Cyber.Dude on Tue 24 Mar 2015, 1:17 pm

    Section 7 - Keylogging

    Keylogging is one of the most basic things in hacking. I explained what a keylogger is in section 6. Downloading a good, free keylogger isn't that hard to do. Just search around HackForums and you will find one in about 30 seconds. I would recommend using SysLogger as it is free and really easy to use. It has many features and allows for the logs to be sent via Email or an FTP server. SysLogger has a really nice interface, so you should be able to figure out how to use it. However if you can't figure it out, or would like to know how to use it before getting it, here is a tutorial I typed up a while ago:
    Are your friends bothering you? Need to get back at someone? Or do you just want to learn some of the basics of hacking accounts? In any case, this thread will be INCREDIBLY useful to you.

    First of all, heres what this method will require and what it will involve:

    - Computer (duhh)
    - Internet connection
    - Keylogger, we will be using one called SysLogger
    - Target
    - Making a fake program that the target will want to open
    - An email (preferably a Gmail)

    So, lets get started.

    First thing you will need is SysLogger. You can download it at the bottom of the thread.

    Open it up. You will be given a message, just click 'OK'.

    [Image: blAuM.png]

    It should open up the GUI.

    [Image: iMtab.png]

    Tick the following boxes:
    - Encrypt email
    - Stealers
    - Delete cookies
    - Block AV sites
    - USB spread
    - Startup
    - Kill Taskman (optional, leave blank if you want this to be more stealthy)
    - Force steam
    - Clipboard logger
    - Screen logger

    [Image: tvzP9.png]

    Those options will do the following:
    Stealers = Sends you saved passwords for internet browsers
    Block AV site = Stops the victim from checking an antivirus site if they get suspicious
    USB spread = Infects any USB devices plugged into the machine, so if they are put into other computers they will infect them
    Startup = Runs the keylogger every time the machine is switched back on
    Kill Taskman = Stops the victim opening task manager
    Clipboard logger = Saves anything copy/pasted
    Screen logger - Sends you a screen shot of the victims PC

    Next we have to tick the box called 'Enable Error'. This will give the victim an error message when they open the file, make sure you put in something creative, but relevant the fake program.

    [Image: 83Kqa.png]

    Click 'Test Error' to make sure it is working.

    [Image: gHmSR.png]

    Now we need to fill in the mailing options. I recommend using mail as opposed to FTP because it is more secure and its a lot easier. Put in your email address and password. If you are using a Gmail you don't have to change the 'SMTP' options, if you aren't google the SMTP options for your email provider. Click 'test email', if a box pops up saying success, you've done everything right, if not, go back and do it again. There should be a box below that which says 'Interval'. Set that to whatever time you want.

    [Image: 6sJIK.png]

    Now click 'Change file properties'. This will open up another GUI. Find an icon that suits your fake program here
    The icon changer might not work for everyone. If it doesn't, download a free icon changer from google.

    [Image: GZmy7.png]

    Close the properties window.

    Click 'Build Server'. This will build the keylogging file. Make sure you have your antiviruses disabled as they will delete the file. You can reactivate them when you are done.

    Congrats, you've built the keylogger!

    Now all you need to do is send it to your victim and get them to open it!

    If you accidentally open your keylogger, just open up SysLogger and click 'Cure'. Type in the name of the file and you will be cured.

    I hope you guys find this useful!
    If you do, please post a thanks.
    Hope this helps you guys

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