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    How To Hack Facebook Fan Pages and Earn Money

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    How To Hack Facebook Fan Pages and Earn Money

    Post by King_Arthur on Mon 01 Dec 2014, 5:58 pm

    •?((¯°·._.• How To Hack Facebook Fan Pages and Earn Money - Easy Prv8 Method •._.·°¯))?•

    Lets Start Our Tutorial -

    What things you need ..

    Stealer/Keylogger (Try Istealer if you dont have any other : )
    A Facebook Account
    A Brain Smile


    Step 1 - Setup Your Keylogger Or Stealer

    Step 2 - Save Your Server name as Facebook Likes Increaser/Facebook Tagging/Facebook Pages/FanPage Promotor

    Step 3 - Upload Your Server Via FTP And Get The Link Some Link like

    Step 4 - Go To And make your server link short ..

    Step 5 - Open NotePad And Save This Text With Your Server Link ...

    Get Real Like On Your Page (Better Then TAGGING) HURRY!

    DOWNLOAD ===>

    Get Facebook Real Likes On Your Page Just In 5 Mints ...
    100% Working Tools ..
    Magix Box Just A Small Application Help You To Increase Your Fan Page Likes
    Simply Download The Program From Here ----- >

    Step 6 - Change The URL in the above text with your server link .

    Step 7 - Open you facebook Account and click on search bar ..

    Step 8 - Search facebook groups according to these names

    Facebook Tagging Groups.
    Facebook T2T
    Fan Page Promotion Group
    S4s Tagging Groups
    Prmote Facebook Fan Pages
    s4s 100k
    s4s 50k
    s4s 500k


    (INFORMATION ABOUT TAGGING GROUPS : Tagging groups is a palce where facebook fan pages admin promote
    there pages by tag there pages URL in each other pages)

    Step 9 - After searching send request to join groups ..some thing about 12-13 groups

    Step 10 - When you request accepted in groups just post your server link text nd spam ..

    Step 11 - Create Events in group and spam your server link text

    Step 12 - Spam in comments and every where .. and daily send request to new searching groups !!

    You're done !! After this alot of people download your server .. and try to run in there PC ! and you got
    there facebook accounts log !!

    Login to there accounts and make your ID as administrator and delete the orignal admin from page !!

    Thats it !!

    After getting pages sale then in high prices ! alot of guys purchase 30k ,40k 50k pages in 30,40,50$
    Its a best way to earn nd make mone y! i already done more then 80K money by selling facebook fan pages !!

    Now i left this work and doing my own bussniss and also there is shortage of time ! thats why i m providing this method
    to you guys ! Enjoy Smile

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