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    Post by Cyber.Dude on Mon 01 Dec 2014, 5:32 pm

    You need strong sock5 (clean)
    And a strong internet (i recommend vps or rdp) cuz if processing of payment is timed out, and you finally login, it will request for card confirmation and cancel and go back to ebay.
    so what you will do is, create an ebay acc, and make your drop address a primary add.
    then verify your email, and add a card.
    make sure email addy is alike with cc name
    then, you make sure you clear all cookies/cache etc.,everything
    and select item wanna buy.
    checkout as guest.
    enter drop address
    then it redirects you to paypal.
    select "i dont have an acc"
    then it will bring a CC form
    enter your cc info
    then it will tell you there is a matching inf
    it will locate your acc and ask if you wanna login to pay or proceed to checkout.
    you will select proceed to checkout without login
    then you get a Thank you page
    and redirected to Paypal.
    that's it
    you are done

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